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  • The HRSouthwest Conference 2019

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  • Leading by Numbers: Telling Compelling Stories Using Boring Business Data

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 10/29/2019

    You’ve done the deep digging, you know what’s needed but how do you convince them? Most people are masters of their own desk but many struggle when it comes to explaining things to other people. They resort to data dumps, stuffing their documents with pie chart after pie chart, hoping that quantity proves the quality of thinking and getting hopelessly tangled up along the way. Instead of anesthetizing people with an endless stream of stats and graphs, a more is less approach creates strong logic flow that moves people effortlessly toward your conclusion. Whether its payroll requirements or performance metrics, in reports or presentations, learn from numerous real world before and after examples of how to increase your impact as an HR leader. Learning Objectives: Develop an intriguing narrative from typical business data; Understand how to simplify complex data and enhance with strong graphics; Learn to make points memorable, relatable and highly motivating.

  • Developing a Strategic Leadership Program: Executives Leave Too

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 10/29/2019

    Small and medium business executive are busy running day-to-day operations, pleasing customers and dealing with investors and don’t focus on strategic planning… especially strategic people planning and development. This presentation will teach HR professionals how to identify leadership competencies and to develop and implement a strategic leadership program that aligns with the organizations strategy’s and values and to lead a change initiative within their organization. Learning Objectives: Understand the critical gap that results when a leader leaves the organization; Recognize leadership competencies that align with the organization’s strategy and core values; Learn how to cultivate a robust leadership pipeline.

  • The Role of HR in Successful M&A Integrations

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 10/29/2019

    So you have been tasked with creating or refreshing the culture of your organization... what now? Where do you start? How do you get buy-in? Will employees care? Can this even make a difference? This session takes you through the journey from inspiration to creation and development to deployment. How do you create a system and a shared set of values that people will care about and believe in, and one which will ultimately change the organization as a whole for the better. Tall order but you can do it! This session will help you find your way! Learning Objectives: Begin the process to create core values; Obtain buy-in and support at all levels in the organization; Deploy and then reinforce the desired behaviors.

  • What HR Should Know and Do About Organization Design

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 10/29/2019

    Design of a new organization, reorganization of an existing group, or integration of groups, are some of the biggest events that take place in an organization. The effectiveness of the organization’s design and its implementation largely determines the organization’s business success. Yet HR is often involved late in the design process and misses the chance to add value and help get things right at the start. This session will define organization design, why it happens, how it can go wrong, why HR should be involved, and specific things that HR can do to make organization design more effective. Participants will learn why design of an organization is superior to unintentional evolution and how to measure success in organization design for the business and other stakeholders. Learning Objectives: Learn what organization design is and how it can succeed or fail; Understand why HR should be involved in the organization design; Recognize what HR can do to make organization design more effective.

Per SHRM and HRCI recertification guidelines, online content is eligible for recertification credit for two years from date of capture. Content will expire based on the following schedule:
  • 2019 Conference Expiration Date: October 31,2021
  • 2018 Conference Expiration Date: October 1, 2020